What is A Good Death?

Every living thing must die. Yet, within our culture, most of us avoid speaking or even thinking about our own death or that of someone we love. It is not surprising that when confronted with a terminal illness or the natural progression of age, we feel confused, angry or isolated.  Often, those closest to us, to whom we turn with other troubles, are similarly at a loss for words of comfort or ways to calm our fears.  We are left feeling alone or that we are burdening others with our feelings.  Often, we are not even sure of what questions to ask or how to begin.

A Good Death is an end of life service providing professional advice and coaching to and advocacy for those nearing the end of life and their loved ones.  Our desire is to enhance the quality of the last days and decrease the anxiety of the dying experience.

Like birth, death is one of life’s great experiences. It need not be filled with pain and apprehension. It is opportunity for the dying person and those who will remain to live more fully and deeply.

Ann Forest Burns, end of life coach, stands ready to be your advisor, advocate, mediator, companion and coach.  We work on a fee for services basis and offer an initial half hour consultation free of charge.

A Holistic Approach

Ann Forest Burns

A Good Death is the end of life coaching practice of Ann Forest Burns.  Ann’s greatest honor is to companion the dying and to support their loved ones.  Using her training as a death doula, Ann helps her clients reflect on their lives and identify the legacy they leave for others. An experienced advocate and mediator, Ann knows how to bring people together to focus on the common goal of a meaningful and peaceful transition. As a spiritual advisor, she bears witness to the sacredness of life in the midst of death.

Ann will help you plan a fitting end to your memorable life.